2011 Grammy Nomination for Huana Ke Aloha

2011 Grammy Nomination for Huana Ke Aloha

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I love it when people are surprised to hear my music.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, ” Well, I knew you sang in Wayne’s World.  But I had no idea you could sing like this! ” Either folks are under the impression that my singing was dubbed in the film or that all I sing is rock. To the contrary, my heart lies in a mellower more laid-back place.

My musical partner Daniel Ho and I actually met performing in jazz orchestra when we were teens. Daniel played as well as created the charts for all the instruments!  If you listen to our music now you can clearly hear that influence. We were both born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and our first record hawaiiana was full of well-known Hawaiian standards. But since then, with Amy Ku’uleialoha’s beautiful lyrics and academic tutelage (she’s a PHd in ethnomusicology) we’ve stretched and experimented and created a whole new sound, taking Hawaiian music to new places.  Now, to be recognized and awarded for the past four years for doing music that I love with people that I love… I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

With our latest album being nominated for a Grammy yesterday, it makes our concert this Friday even more exciting. I hope if you’re in LA this weekend, you can come and hear us play some of the songs from this latest album.

Details on the concert and buy tickets here >

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